Bob Warner is the kind of guy who gets to the carving station at the end of the buffet line, notices that the chef’s knife is dull, and runs to his car to get his sharpener. You can blame it on the fact that he was the Midwest rep for Dexter for a number of years and knows the value of a sharp knife. But it’s really that he’s just a really thoughtful person. (He also talks to all the servers and isn’t shy about asking for tours, much to his wife’s chagrin.) He’s also the kind of guy Foodservice

News wanted on its team when it partnered with the founders of the Charlie Awards to re-engage sponsors. Bob’s official title is sponsorship director. “It’s so different from tangible sales,” he says of the Charlies. Everyone in the industry knows what small wares are, but not everyone is familiar with the award ceremony that celebrates the foodservice industry. Bob plans to change that.

He retired a year and a half ago from Dexter, after the long hours spent behind the wheel of his car became hard on his knees. But he still had the energy and the need to do something to make a difference in the restaurant industry. Enter the Charlies.

As a people-person, Bob likes the opportunity to connect back with some of the contacts he had as a sales rep, and also meeting the movers and shakers in the industry, such as General Mills, Land O’Lakes and BT, the voice of God (Brian Turner, a popular radio personality who has been one of the announcers at the annual award ceremony since its creation).

For anyone wanting to take a proactive stance and contact Bob directly, you can reach him at 612-670-5254 or